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Lynne has been a quilter for almost thirty years.  She started, as many of us have, the old fashioned way with templates and a needle and thread, hand piecing her first quilt.  Then a quilt shop opened nearby, and classes were offered, introducing  rotary cutters and strip piecing.

She has taken many classes over the years, and has made hundreds of quilts.  The first quilts were very traditional, both in pattern and fabric, but as time went on Lynne started searching for her own voice.

The first attempts at individualization were trying traditional patterns in non-traditional fabrics.  Then she started quilting her own quilts, using non-traditional methods motifs and threads.

But it wasn't qute enough.

After taking some photos of interesting looking farm equipment, Lynne wondered if those pictures could be interpreted in fabric. Through some experimentation she developed her method of making patterns from photographs, and then making them into art quilts. 

She now has a pattern line, and teaches classes featuring those patterns, as well as  teaching students how to make patterns from their own photos.

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